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Get Motivated & Profitable Employees... in just 30 minutes a week.

In-house, group training that uses guided video discussions to make work feel like a strong, united family.

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What people are saying:

  I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world     always feel refreshed and motivated when I leave      great experience for me    fun engagement, and oftentimes deep discussions     I’m growing personally and professionally     I get life poured into me     every time I come, I learn a new skill or I learn a new tool 

Program Benefits

1️⃣  Eliminates employee fighting by building trust and respect with each other.

2️⃣  Reduces disengaged employees to create higher productivity.

3️⃣  Skip boring training…Coffee with Champions is the one day that no one misses work.


4️⃣  Save valuable time with short, 30-minute group training sessions at your location.

5️⃣ You’ll save thousands with no per-employee pricing.

6️⃣ Create a motivating sense of purpose at work with our “Be a force for good” mission for your team.

...and 7️⃣, you'll start calling each other "Champions" (seriously, it happens).

Learn Mor

We Build Champion Employees.

Here's our program in action.

How Does the Program Work?


The Summary

It’s a group discussion led by a leader/facilitator at your organization.


What's the flow?

  1. Everyone shares a win.

  2. Play my 5-minute video.

  3. Answer the worksheet questions.

  4. Leave feeling inspired, motivated, and happy.


Who is it for?

  • Leaders 

  • Managers

  • Frontline employees

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What are the topics?

  • Personal growth

  • Leadership development

  • Business growth

  • How to be a “Force for Good.”


How long is the program?

The program comes with 52 workshops released incrementally by month.

Each workshop is customizable to last from 30-90 minutes, your choice.


How often is the training?

This is up to you. Some teams meet weekly, while others may meet bi-weekly or monthly. 

The more frequently you meet, the better the results.

Happy Champions

Chambers of Commerce

  • Beavercreek Chamber

  • Kettering-Moraine-Oakwood Chamber

  • Troy Chamber

  • Vandalia-Butler Chamber

Growth-Focused Organizations

  • City of Beavercreek

  • Miami Valley Communications Council

  • J&I Duct Fab


Here's What You'll Get

🎯 Group Training Curriculum - new courses released monthly.

🎯 Workshops consisting of videos, worksheets, and promos.

🎯 Mobile App.

🎯 Facilitator On-Demand Training.

🎯 Monthly Live Facilitator Meeting with Lance.

🎯 No per-employee pricing.

$999/mth value. Limited time offer:


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What Others Are Saying About Us.

It feels weird to brag, but Coffee with Champions works.

"Ready to take on the world."

"The discussions stretch me personally, and I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world." - Kathy R.- Executive Director

"Favorite hours every week."

""I often say to people that Coffee with Champions is one of my favorite hours every week." - Eric E.- President

"Camaraderie ...engaging discussions."

"I love the camaraderie that our weekly gatherings foster, as well as, the engaging discussions that each topic prompts. There's never a moment where anyone in our group is at a loss for words!" - Chris M. - Vice President

"Look forward to continuing to grow..."

"We continue to grow and all of the feedback from the participants has been great. The support and dedication that we have received from (Lance and Jessica) has been nothing but exemplary. We look forward to continuing to grow in our partnership." - Wendy R. - CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format?

Our program revolves around a group discussion led by a leader at your company. We call these a "workshop". They can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on your group.


The leader uses our videos and worksheets to facilitate the discussion.

Who at my company can facilitate the workshops?

You may select any leader from your company.

Your monthly license is for one facilitator/leader. That person will go through our short 60-minute training and be eligible to join our monthly best practices Zoom call. 

How many employees can use the program.

There is no limit to the number of employees that can go through the program. The only limit is there is one license per facilitator.

How many people can be in a single workshop?

You can have groups as small as 3 people and as large as 25. Smaller groups can dive deeper into topics, while larger groups tend to have a higher energy feel.

What if I am not happy with the program?

No problem. You can cancel anytime from your Champions Forum. However, there are no prorated refunds. 

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Lance & Jessica Miller and Coffee with Champions

Coffee with Champions was created in 2021 by husband and wife duo Lance and Jessica Miller.

Using Lance's existing teaching methods and business philosophy learned from 30+ years of entrepreneurship and consulting, we created the Champions platform.


Since then, our workshops have been conducted hundreds of times all over the Ohio area.

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