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How can you grow your professional connections without networking events?

With our exclusive, self-hosted, personal growth workshops.

✅ Grow Your Community Connections.
✅ Unique Personal Growth Training program.
✅ Minimal Time Commitment
✅ Low Cost, Turnkey Program. 

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Our Happy Clients

Growth-Focused Organizations

  • City of Beavercreek

  • Miami Valley Communications Council

  • J&I Duct Fab

Chambers of Commerce

  • Beavercreek Chamber

  • Kettering-Moraine-Oakwood Chamber

  • Troy Chamber

  • Vandalia-Butler Chamber

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About Our Program

Champions is a turnkey, weekly 59-minute workshop focused on:

  • Personal Growth

  • Leadership Development

  • Business Improvement

Benefits for Your Organization

✅Grow your community connections with local government and business leaders. 

✅ Develop more meaningful business relationships.

✅ Fun alternative to traditional networking events.

✅ Minimal time commitment

✅ Low-cost, turnkey program.

✅ Fast, simple launch process.


Three Rules Guide Our Workshops

  1. We are here to learn from each other.

  2. There are no wrong ideas.

  3. We believe in a God.

No more boring training for your group!

The training is a group-based discussion led by a leader at your group. 

The leader uses our videos and worksheets to facilitate a healthy conversation with everyone in the group.

What's Included

  • A new workshop every week.

  • Workshops include a short video, worksheet, & promo pic.

  • Mobile App Access

  • Host On-Demand Training Program.

  • Monthly All-Host Live Meeting (Zoom).

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Topics We Cover

Personal Growth  

  • Living the Good Life

  • Finding Your TrueSelf

  • Finances

  • Communication

  • Burnout Recovery

  • Grit & Perseverance

  • Managing Change

  • Building Trust

  • Winning

  • Finding Purpose at Work

  • Retirement

  • Vision

  • And more!


  • Servant Leadership

  • Stewardship

  • Influence

  • Managing Personality Types

  • Vision

  • Leadership Blueprint

  • Giving

  • Faith in the Workplace

  • Motivating Employees

  • Developing Leadership Skills

  • Creating a Leadership Manifesto

  • Difficult Conversations

  • And more!

Organizational Topics

  • Organizational Vision

  • Build a Dream Team

  • Client Care

  • Networking Best Practices

  • Corporate Marketing

  • Planning for Teams

  • Winning in Business

  • Team Environment

  • And more!

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As low as

$400 Monthly Value.

Free 1 week trial.

What Others Are Saying

"The program has been a fantastic offer and value to our Chamber members and community! We continue to grow and all of the feedback from the participants has been great... We look forward to continuing to grow in our partnership."

Wendy Rodgers, President & CEO, Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

About Us

Coffee with Champions was created in 2021 by Lance and Jessica Miller.

Using Lance's existing teaching methods and business philosophy learned from 30+ years of entrepreneurship and consulting, we created the Champions platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time commitment?

Workshops are self-hosted weekly at a location of your choice and last no longer than an hour. It takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare for the workshop. We handle everything for you. You just need to print out the worksheets for everyone and play a short video on your tv.

How often are the workshops?

Workshops can be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We recommend weekly for the greatest impact. Typically, one person would be the "primary host," and someone else would be designated as a backup.

I'm Interested.


As low as

$400 Value!!

Free 1 week  trial.

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