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On the Fence
About Our Program?

Get a four-pack of workshops to try out free for 3 months.

You've got questions.

Bringing another meeting into your Chamber is full of unknowns.

  • Will our members like it?

  • Will they attend?

  • How will we pay for it? It's not in our budget.

  • Who will lead it?


A "test run" gives answers.

We've found that doing a "test run" is the best way to answer your questions. ​

During the "test run," you'll discover 3 things.

  1. Who likes the program.

  2. Who is willing to sponsor it.

  3. Who is willing to help host / facilitate it.

What you $0 cost.

✅  4-pack of workshops

✅  Facilitator training

✅  Monthly "All-Host Live" Zoom meeting

✅  Promo material

✅  3 months to test it out with your group.

What you'll be missing.

❌  52-week workshop rotation

❌  Our social media promotion

❌  Our website promotion

❌  Unlimited access 

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How it works.

  1. Register for access.

  2. Attend facilitator training (zoom).

  3. Host your workshops - you're free to choose how often in the "lite" program.

Let's do this.

Sign up today for our "lite" version of Coffee with Champions.

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