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Times & Locations

Chamber of Commerce

Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30 am

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Chamber of Commerce

Thursdays 8 - 9 am

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Kettering-Moraine- Oakwood (KMO)
Chamber of Commerce

Thursdays 8:30 - 9:30 am

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Chamber of Commerce

Thursdays 8 - 9 am

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What Others Are Saying...

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"The program has been a fantastic offer and value to our Chamber members and community! We continue to grow and all of the feedback from the participants has been great. The support and dedication that we have received from True North has been nothing but exemplary. We look forward to continuing to grow in our partnership."

Wendy R.

What are the Topics?

  • Perseverance 

  • Winning Gracefully

  • Marketing

  • Giving

  • Employees

  • Money

  • Vision

  • Leadership

  • Retirement / 2nd Half

  • Mentoring

  • Social Impact

  • And More!


What's the Format?

​Each workshop is 1 hour.

  1. Host's Welcome & Introductions

  2. Question of the Week via video.

  3. Group Discussion.

  4. Group Answer posted to the Champions forum.

Our 3 Rules.

  1. We are here to learn from each other.

  2. There are no wrong ideas.

  3. We believe in a God.

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How Do I Attend?

  1. Pick a time & location from the Calendar.

  2. Just show up.

What Does it Cost?

Membership is free for local Chamber members. 

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