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Visit a Public
Champions Workshop
Near You.

Our workshops are easy, fun, and entertaining.

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Workshop Details

  • These weekly meetings are hosted at participating Chambers of Commerce.

  • Open to anyone to attend.

  • Workshops last 59 minutes.

  • Each week, we discuss a different topic: personal growth, leadership, or business.

  • We all share best practices for winning in business and life.

  • There is no commitment. Come and go as you want.

  • Our groups are incredibly welcoming.

  • The cost is free for the first few times. After that, each location has its own requirements.

What Will You Learn?

Weekly workshops are about growing personally, leading well, and improving how you work.

We cover topics like:
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What are best practices for having difficult conversations?


What are the habits you've created that have led to success?


How do you best take care of customers and clients?

CEO Mindset.jpg

How can you have a CEO Mindset...even if you are not a CEO?

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How do you motivate others over the long haul?

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How can a SWOT analysis help in business improvement?

...and 50+ more workshops on topics such as
  • How do you successfully sell your product?

  • How do you quickly recover from burnout?

  • What is the "good life?"

  • How do you conquer “imposter syndrome”?

  • Why does your "purpose" matter, and how have you found it?

  • How do you move past failure?

  • How can you use the “trust battery” concept to improve relationships? 

Participating Ohio Chambers of Commerce


Thursdays at 8 am


Kettering-Moraine-Oakwood  (KMO)

Thursdays at 8:30 am

Hosted at PuroClean Map


Fridays at 8 am



Thursdays at 8 am



Wednesdays at 8 am


Want to host Coffee with Champions
at your Chamber of Commerce?

Learn how.


We are Champions.

Here's our program in action.

Our program in action.jpg

Champions is About
Being a Force for Good.

Being a "force for good" means learning how to make a bigger impact at work, at home, and in your community.

That's why everyone shares their best practices for winning in business and life every week.

We'd love to see you at our next workshop!

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