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What People Are Saying About Us.

"The program has been a fantastic offer and value to our Chamber members and community! We continue to grow and all of the feedback from the participants has been great. The support and dedication that we have received from True North has been nothing but exemplary. We look forward to continuing to grow in our partnership." - Wendy Rodgers, CEO, Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

From the Chamber perspective, you've given us a program that adds so much value to our members.  
From a personal perspective, CWC is one thing I look forward to each week.  The discussions stretch me personally and I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world. - Kathy Roetter, Executive Director, Troy Chamber of Commerce

"Love the thought-provoking topics, great discussions, and varied perspectives!" - Eric Evans, President, Kettering Moraine Oakwood Chamber of Commerce

"I look forward to Thursday every week because I know I will be meeting with my fellow Champions, as we lift one another up, and dig into deep thought with the different weekly topics. Everyone brings something different to the table, and we all know it's a safe space to speak freely without judgment or criticism. It is a really refreshing space to hear another person's point of view and open yourself up to a different way of thinking." - Amy Jones, Owner, Beavercreek Pizza Dive

"I appreciate that this is an honest, open, and transparent group from differing backgrounds and industries. We all come together each week to discuss best practices to truly "be a force for good" within our communities. I think the prompts and questions lead to some excellent conversations! - Adam Horseman, Insurance Agent

"I love the camaraderie that our weekly gatherings foster, as well as, the engaging discussions that each topic prompts. There's never a moment where anyone in our group is at a loss for words!" - Chris McClure, Vice President, Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

"I really enjoy the freshly brewed topics each week that spark fun engagement, and oftentimes deep discussions with other local champions.  The format laid out by Lance and Jessica really help keep the conversation going with added time for reflection.  Not to mention the conversation continues in the online forum.  If you want to be a FORCE for GOOD don't miss Coffee with Champions every Thursday morning!" - Joe Laber, Owner, Cup of Joe Media

"Lots of great discussion with other business-minded people. You can learn so much!" - Shelby Schmitmeyer,

"Lance and Jessica are dedicated to make the world a better place and help good business owners become great. They make you think about what you are doing and why it matters. Coffee with champions is a great experience that I have enjoyed a lot. You should try it." - Ernie Havens, Bellbrook City Council

"I enjoy the insight and collaborative discussion on the weekly topics and monthly themes of solutions for business scenarios. I would recommend leaders looking to grow to give Coffee with Champions a visit!" - Jon Bucher, Magazine Owner

"I cannot say enough good things about Lance & Jessica. Coffee with Champions is one of my favorites. A cup of joe, conversations about God, Business & that's a recipe for a great morning!" - Gwen Price, Owner, Thomas-Grushon Insurance

"Thursday mornings are my opportunity to learn something new. That along with the varied topics makes me feel like I’m growing personally and professionally. This group gets into deep discussions and has fun along the way. I always walk away with a new perspective." Jacki Mayer, Executive Director, Beaver Creek Wetlands

"Coffee with Champions has been a great experience for me. It is an opportunity to meet with many members (Champions) of our community. I look forward to meeting each Thursday morning. It is great to hear others perspectives and hopefully I bring some positive inputs from my experiences that add to the conversation. I serve on City Council here in Beaverceek and hearing from business owners and others each week gives me a positive perspective of our community!!! Thank you Lance and Jessica for coming up with this concept!!" Don Adams, Beavercreek City Council

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