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As a Chamber of Commerce, how do you provide unique value to your members?

With our exclusive, self-hosted, leadership workshops.

​✅  Comprehensive

✅  Turnkey

✅  Minimal Time Investment

✅  Highly-Effective

✅  $49/mth for unlimited members.

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What are we?

Champions is a turnkey, weekly 1-hour workshop provided to eligible Chambers of Commerce across the United States. 

Topics include:

  • Perseverance 

  • Winning Gracefully

  • Marketing

  • Giving

  • Employees

  • Money

  • Vision

  • Leadership

  • Retirement / 2nd Half

  • Mentoring

  • Social Impact

  • And More!

Benefits for Your Chamber

  • Provide a consistent, weekly growth event to members and non-members alike.

  • Build your reputation and brand.

  • Minimal costs.

  • Minimal time commitment.



  What We Provide   

  • Training

  • Access to the Champions Forum for Hosts and Members.

  • A Champions Host License that gives you access to 52 weeks of video questions and worksheets.

  What You Provide  

  • A suitable space to meet at.

  • Equipment (Table, Chairs, TV, etc.)

  • Consumables - coffee, tea, water. 

  • A color printer for the participant's weekly worksheets.

What is the cost?

$49 a month gives you and all your members unlimited access. 

The first two months are free for a limited time!

Updated 2.6.23

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Starting is Easy!


  • Complete a 5-minute Interest Form below.

  • Have a brief phone call with us.


  • Set up your payments

  • Complete 90 minutes of online Host/ Facilitator Training.


  • Use our Coffee with Champions curriculum.

  • Host every week unless your hosting day falls on a holiday. You will need a partner or backup host to help.

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