As a Chamber of Commerce, how do you provide unique value to your members?

With our exclusive, self-hosted, leadership workshops.

​✅  Comprehensive

✅  Turnkey

✅  Minimal Time Investment

✅  Highly-Effective

✅  Free

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What are we?

Champions is a turnkey, weekly 1-hour workshop provided to eligible Chambers of Commerce across the United States. 

Topics include:

  • Perseverance 

  • Winning Gracefully

  • Marketing

  • Giving

  • Employees

  • Money

  • Vision

  • Leadership

  • Retirement / 2nd Half

  • Mentoring

  • Social Impact

  • And More!

Benefits for Your Chamber

  • Provide a consistent, weekly growth event to members and non-members alike.

  • Build your reputation and brand.

  • Minimal costs.

  • Minimal time commitment.



  What We Provide   

Coffee with Champions is a program of TrueNorth Global Training and is 100% funded by them.

We provide:

  • Training

  • Access to the Champions Forum for Hosts and Members.

  • A Champions Host License that gives you access to 52 weeks of video questions and worksheets.

  What You Provide  

  • A suitable space to meet at.

  • Equipment (Table, Chairs, TV, etc.)

  • Consumables - coffee, tea, water. 

  • A color printer for the participant's weekly worksheets.

Why is Champions FREE?

Coffee with Champions was created by TrueNorth Global Training and its founders Lance and Jessica Miller. (Yes, they are married!)

There are 3 reasons Champions is free.

1️⃣ Most importantly, they believe the weekly conversation needs to happen in today's society. Our mission is to Be a Force for Good. 

2️⃣ Part of our TrueNorth philosophy is that as business leaders, we need to give back to our communities. This program helps fulfill that for TrueNorth and its team.

3️⃣ Build awareness for TrueNorth and its leadership programs.

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Starting is Easy!


  • Complete a short online application below.

  • Online Interview with our Director, Jessica Miller.


  • Complete 2 hours of online Host/Facilitator Training.


  • Use our Coffee with Champions curriculum.

  • Host every week unless your hosting day falls on a holiday. You will need a partner or backup host to help.

  • 6-Month Commitment

I Want My Chamber to Join!