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The Self-Led,
Personal Growth Program

For Your Members.

Our program is easy, fun, and simple to lead.

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Chambers Trust Us

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What Good Things Will You See?

Boost Member Participation

How? By hosting a recurring event that they absolutely love.

Make a Bigger Impact

How? Our personal growth workshops offer immediate benefits, helping members grow from the first session.

Less Work, More Value

How? Provide more value to your members with a high-quality, turnkey program that is simple to launch.

Fan Mail

"From the Chamber perspective, you've given us a program that adds so much value to our members.  From a personal perspective, CWC is one thing I look forward to each week.  The discussions stretch me personally, and I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world." - Kathi R., Executive Director, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce

What Will My Members Learn?

Weekly workshops about growing personally, leading well, and improving how you work.

We cover topics like:
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What are best practices for having difficult conversations?


What are the habits you've created that have led to success?


How do you best take care of customers and clients?

CEO Mindset.jpg

How can you have a CEO Mindset...even if you are not a CEO?

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How do you motivate others over the long haul?

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How can a SWOT analysis help in business improvement?

...and 50+ more workshops on topics such as
  • How do you successfully sell your product?

  • How do you quickly recover from burnout?

  • What is the "good life?"

  • How do you conquer “imposter syndrome”?

  • Why does your "purpose" matter, and how have you found it?

  • How do you move past failure?

  • How can you use the “trust battery” concept to improve relationships? 

How Does Our Program Work?

It’s a group discussion at your location led by a leader/member from your chamber.

Get a group together.

Anywhere from 3 to 30 people can join a single workshop.

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*Troy, OH Chamber of Commerce

Watch our short video.

Lance, our co-founder, will explain the topic and what to do.

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Talk about it.

Everyone gets a sheet to help guide the talk.

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Fan Mail

"The program has been a fantastic offer and value to our Chamber members and community! We continue to grow and all of the feedback from the participants has been great. The support and dedication that we have received from (Lance and Jessica) has been nothing but exemplary."

- Wendy Rodgers, CEO, Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

Who Can Use Our Program?


Attendees can be owners, managers, salespeople or anyone else. 

Any industry

Our workshops bring people in from your business community, local government, and even religious institutions.

Any size

Perfect for any chamber size.

How many, how long, how often?

How many workshops?

The program comes with a new workshop every week.

How long is each workshop?

Each workshop is designed to last 59 minutes.

How often should we train?

Workshops should be hosted weekly for consistency.

What does our training
look like in
real life?

Our program in action.jpg

I'm Interested.
What do I get?

🔹 Group Training Curriculum - a new workshop is released every week.

🔹 Videos, worksheets, and promos for each lesson.

🔹 Quick start training for your in-house facilitator

🔹 Superior support from our team

🔹 Earn $50,000/year with our Affiliate Program


$499/mth value. Limited time.

  • ​No setup fees.

  • No contract.

  • No credit card to get started.

  • Free 2-week trial.

  • Instant access.

Fan Mail

"Coffee with Champions has been a great experience for me. It is an opportunity to meet with many members (Champions) of our community. I look forward to meeting each Thursday morning. It is great to hear others perspectives and hopefully I bring some positive inputs from my experiences that add to the conversation. Thank you Lance and Jessica for coming up with this concept!!"

- Don Adams, Mayor, Beavercreek, OH



What is the time commitment?
It takes 20-30 minutes to prepare for a workshop. 

  1. Print the worksheets.

  2. Set up the coffee.

  3. Get the video ready. 

  4. Familiarize yourself with the topic.

What is the format?
The program revolves around a group discussion led by a leader in your chamber. 

The leader uses our videos and worksheets to facilitate the workshop.

How often are the workshops held?
Workshops should be held weekly for consistency and should last 59 minutes.

Who can facilitate/lead a workshop?
Any leader from your chamber of commerce—an internal staff member or an outside leader from another company—can facilitate a workshop. We also recommend having a backup host for your primary host.


Is co-branding permitted?

Yes, it is allowed on all marketing material. We love to show our two brands in an equal partnership that acknowledges the value both bring to the table.  However, co-branding is not permitted on our course videos and worksheets.


Is there a contract?

No. Cancel anytime. However, there are no prorated refunds.


Are there setup fees?

There are no setup fees. However, we appreciate prompt payment after you’ve decided to join so that we can expedite your onboarding process.


Can I get sponsorships?

Many of your attendees will believe strongly in the Coffee with Champions program and may be interested in sponsoring the program.


To date, we have coffee shops, small businesses, banks, mayors, and other individuals who sponsor the program.

Can I charge people to attend our workshops?

No.  What makes our workshops great is the diversity of attendees. Some people are just getting started in a new business, so charging an attendance fee may financially prohibit some from joining in the conversation. 

Meeting Space

Where should we host our meetings?
Any place that is private and is the appropriate size. You should have tables and chairs for everyone. 

Coffee shops, restaurants, and other open public spots are NOT good locations.

Some businesses are happy to lend a conference room or meeting space. 

What do I need to host a workshop?

  • An internet connection

  • TV / Computer to play the video

  • Color printer


Can non-chamber members attend our workshops?

Each chamber has the freedom to choose how to set this up. Many of our Chambers allow guests 2-4x before asking them to become a Chamber member.


How many people can attend a workshop?

A good workshop can be conducted by as few as 3 people. After the group size reaches 20-25 people, many of our chambers choose to split into smaller groups after the introductions and the video. 


With this format, there is no limit to how many could be in a workshop.


Who can attend a workshop?

Our workshops are designed so that anyone, regardless of experience level or job, can attend.


When is a good time during the week to host a workshop?

We have found that mornings work best for people so they can attend and then be on their way.

Do attendees need to show up every week?

No. Our curriculum is non-sequential, so attendees can come and go as they please.


Should we have people “pre-register” or “sign-up” to attend?

Here are some best practices we have found:


If this is how you normally handle events, go right ahead. We have found that after the first few workshops, you will develop your core group of people, and they will no longer need to register to attend.


Remove the friction points. If registering seems to be a friction point with your members, let them just show up when it suits their schedules. You may have a member who shows up once a month, and that’s ok.


When can I get in touch with Coffee with Champions for support?

We are available Mon-Fri 8 am - 4 pm EST.

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